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  • 5 signs that you need to abandon (or change) your career plans

    Of course, there are plenty of benefits for having clear long-term goals. But life doesn’t always follow a linear path, and the road that youthinkwill lead to your destination might not be the best way to get there. Here are five circumstances where you might need to step away from that rigid plan you’ve set for yourself, and when it might be time to create (and follow) a new one.  Read more at

  • 5 Soft Skills That Could Land You a Cybersecurity Career

    Despite what some may believe, soft skills are just as critical as technical aptitude when preparing for a career in this booming field…

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  • 8 Ways to Transform Your Job Search in 2018

      If you’re looking to revolutionise your job search process  in the New Year, here are the steps you should take to really make 2018 the year you land your dream job.  Read more at

  • How knowing what you dislike can spark your passion

    … the path to finding a career you love is rarely a straight line. Your core values probably won’t change much over your adult lifetime, but your interests might, and your skills certainly will. So when someone tells you to “follow your passion,” the advice isn’t inherently wrong. It’s simply incomplete…

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  • How to Move Your Career Forward Amid Coronavirus

    Working from home doesn’t have to mean putting professional growth on hold. Use this time to strategically plan your next move.

    With coronavirus cases increasing by the day, it is understandable to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated. But just because these are scary times, that doesn’t mean your career needs to grind to a halt. In fact, with the slowdown, this could be the perfect moment to reevaluate your professional trajectory and consider a new direction. Instead of spending the entire day glued to your TV awaiting the latest coronavirus updates, channel that nervous energy into formulating a career strategy. Here are some productive ways to manage the current situation and still move your career forward.

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  • Using a SWOT Analysis in Your Life Science Career Planning and Marketing

    While this article was written by Katharine Hansen, for Life science professionals it could  be applied to other disciplines   The SWOT Analysis is a key tool in the strategic planning process that life science professionals can apply not only to career planning, but to career marketing. A SWOT analysis examines strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment.  You can read more at

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