The Secret Sauce When Choosing A Second Act Career

in your second act you’ll have more latitude to think about what creates purpose in your work. If you’re more intentional about that, you’ll tend to do better. So, get clear on what matters to you both personally and professionally.

Sit back and identify past experiences at work that brought you the greatest sense of meaning and impact. What were the outcomes and the activities that made your work meaningful? You’ll want to focus on roles that build on that expertise and support those values

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What should a resume look like in 2020

Jobs have changed so much in recent years. If you’re not up on the latest programs/apps in your field(SEO ability) (you might not get where you want to go.

Have resumes, too, taken on a new identity? We spoke with two hiring experts to find out what yours should look like now, what not to include, and what traditional advice is still relevant and effective today

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Never ask these 5 questions during job interviews — ask these 4 alternatives instead

The famous adage “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” rings especially true to job interviews. The first impression a potential candidate makes is critical, especially during that moment when the interviewer asks if they have any questions. This gives the candidate the chance to shine by asking thoughtful questions or flub it by asking seriously poor questions.

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What To Do When Your Career Is Disrupted Later In Life

Valuable though these skills may have been in your old career, there’s no guarantee that they will be equally valuable in your new one. This narrow focus and intense specialization may have worked in the past, but careers are changing, and the stability and security that typified the work-life when you were growing up are increasingly being consigned to the dustbin of history.

Now, skills such as adaptability and agility are far more important, with organizations relying heavily on cross-functional teams where collaboration and emotional intelligence will come to the fore. Here are a few things you can do to make a successful transition:…You can read this article at

Top 7 CV mistakes

Crafting the perfect job application takes time, and after putting in the hard work it's disheartening to think that your CV could be rejected at the first hurdle thanks to an easily avoidable error.

While most of us have some idea of how to write a CV it's surprisingly easy to make basic mistakes - and if you're not aware of what these are, they could cost you a job.

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How To Avoid Six Common Networking Mistakes

Did you know that networking is the best approach to finding a new job? In fact, one study found that 85% of jobs are obtained through networking. That leaves only a 15% chance of finding a job using the online application boards and recruiters. Networking is also critical to managing your career over time, not just in times of transition. Despite this fact, most people don’t know how to network efficiently. Here are a few reasons why…

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Top Interview Pet Peeves from Hiring Managers


Many hiring managers agree on candidate interview behaviors that annoy them­­ – sometimes to the extent of sinking the interviewee’s chances. Here are some that hiring managers cite as landmines job seekers can avoid in interviews ...   You can read more at

You Got The Interview -- Now, Five Items You Should Bring (Along With Your Resume)

After much searching, applying and networking, you have finally landed an in-person interview — congratulations! You feel confident in your ability to interview well, with answers to anticipated questions masterfully crafted and a stylish outfit selected to help you feel your best. And while you have prepared each answer and accessory with meticulous detail, you cannot help but wonder, What do I bring?

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Hays Jobs Report Hotspots of skills in demand

… If you'd like to know which skills are in demand, or what recruiting, salary or candidate trends are impacting your sector, this article from Hays has the answers.

The Hays Jobs Report is a guide to current hotspots of recruitment activity and trends. It is updated twice a year to reflect changing market conditions …

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A Guide to Researching Life Sciences Employers

…Researching employers is also a good way to strive for “fit” between you and the hiring organization… While this article was written for Life Sciences much of the information is still useful ...

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Job Search Strategies for Older Workers

…. There are strategies older job seekers can implement to help expedite a job search and to find gainful, and meaningful, employment. 

Despite all the skills and experience that you bring to the table, you will still need to convince employers that you are the right person for the job. However, you also have a number of qualities that make you very hireable.  Here are some tips for standing out in this competitive job market …

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7 tips to get your resume past the robots reading it

… AI-powered hiring platforms are designed to identify candidates whose resumes match open job descriptions the most. These machines are nuanced, but their use still means very specific wording, repetition and prioritization of certain phrases matter.

Job seekers can make sure to highlight the right skills to get past initial screens by using tools, such as an on line cloud generator, to understand what the AI system will prioritize most.Candidates can drop in the text of a job description and see which words appear most often, based on how large they appear within the word cloud …

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