3 Major Changes To Job Interviews You Need To Prepare For

If you’re in a job search or plan to be soon, you know that the stakes are high in this competitive market. A major part of the process where many job seekers routinely underprepare is the interview. In fact, I often see candidates spend more time planning their outfit than their content.

While what you wear certainly has an impact, what you share earns an offer. And just when you thought the interview couldn’t get any more stressful, the current pandemic has changed up the game in new ways, so there are a few additional things you need to be ready for if you want to stand out and secure a great next step in your career. 

Although you’ll no longer need to worry about the grip of your handshake (perhaps ever again), here are three new aspects that will be important to focus on in your next job interview…

You can read more at https://www.forbes.com/sites/dawngraham/2020/06/09/3-major-changes-to-job-interviews--you-need-to-prepare-for/#13d312472c6c

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