Job Search Strategies for Older Workers

…. There are strategies older job seekers can implement to help expedite a job search and to find gainful, and meaningful, employment. 

Despite all the skills and experience that you bring to the table, you will still need to convince employers that you are the right person for the job. However, you also have a number of qualities that make you very hireable.  Here are some tips for standing out in this competitive job market …

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7 tips to get your resume past the robots reading it

… AI-powered hiring platforms are designed to identify candidates whose resumes match open job descriptions the most. These machines are nuanced, but their use still means very specific wording, repetition and prioritization of certain phrases matter.

Job seekers can make sure to highlight the right skills to get past initial screens by using tools, such as an on line cloud generator, to understand what the AI system will prioritize most.Candidates can drop in the text of a job description and see which words appear most often, based on how large they appear within the word cloud …

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New year, new career: Here’s how you increase your chances of landing a new job

…The Australian Government’s 2019 Industry Employment Projections Report predicted the highest volumes of job growth between 2019 and 2024 within healthcare and social assistance (252,600 more jobs), professional, scientific and technical services, ranging from engineering to legal to IT (172,400 jobs) and education and training (129,300 jobs).

On the flip side, it forecasted shrinking workforces for agriculture, forestry and fishing (3800 fewer jobs) and manufacturing (3400 fewer jobs)…

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Top Interview Pet Peeves from Hiring Managers

Many hiring managers agree on candidate interview behaviors that annoy them­­ – sometimes to the extent of sinking the interviewee’s chances. Here are some that hiring managers cite as landmines job seekers can avoid in interviews...

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Resume Writing Tips For 2020

…If you don't know how to optimize your resume for AI and ATS, it may never make it through to the next round and to a hiring manager's desk…

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Job Interview Icebreakers: 6 Ways To Win In Your Job Search

what do you think your interviewer reallywants to know about you? Of course, you’re going to be asked a series of questions in an interview, whether it’s an online video interview or in-person. What questions do you anticipate - and what’s the real motivation for asking those questions? For example, if the interviewer asks “What’s your greatest weakness?” do they really want to know that you’re bad at technical writing and sometimes you lose your temper? Or is there a higher-level conversation that’s really going on?...

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How knowing what you dislike can spark your passion

… the path to finding a career you love is rarely a straight line. Your core values probably won’t change much over your adult lifetime, but your interests might, and your skills certainly will. So when someone tells you to “follow your passion,” the advice isn’t inherently wrong. It’s simply incomplete…

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5 Things That Will Screw Up Your Cover Letter

…It’s tempting to view cover letters as an unnecessary pain. Why do you have to spend time writing one when your prospective employer can already review your résumé, application, repositories, and other materials? But cover letters are a great opportunity to show a company what makes you truly unique; it’s your chance to create a “Narrative of You.”…

A psychologist's guide to managing your anxiety before, during, and even after a job interview

With a career change or new job comes the pressure to perform well in an interview. The stress and anxiety you encounter around job searching can have a detrimental impact on your interview performance — and, ultimately, your mental well-being. To control this anxiety, it's important to understand what causes it in the first place in order to manage the symptoms that creep up before, during, and even after the job interview. 

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10 unexpected ways to use cover letters

The beauty of cover letters is that they enable customization to a much greater extent than a resume does. You can use cover letters to make emotional connections with hiring managers, to show fit with the employer’s culture and to reveal glimpses of yourself that portray you as an authentic human being.

Here are 10 ideas for using cover letters in ways you may not have thought of…

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These are the jobs least likely to go to robots

…We have examined 2,000-plus work activities in every industry sector across the US economy. Here are eight findings from our research, highlighting the automation potential of each sector—providing some technical indicators as to which occupations are most and least likely to go to a machine…

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Eye-Tracking Study 2018

…many recruiters are still skimming resumes for details—with the average initial screen clocking in at just 7.4 seconds in 2018… underlines the extent to which resume skimming behaviors impact not only a job seeker’s chances of being noticed, but also a company’s ability to spot qualified candidate.  What makes a good resume?...

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This is when you should use a video resume

…A video résumé isn’t for everyone. For example, if you’re applying to jobs as a backend engineer or accountant, using a video résumé probably isn’t a good idea.

That said, video résumés are highly effective at highlighting certain skills and strengths that standard written résumés can’t fully convey.

For instance, a video résumé can be valuable if you’re applying to any job where the ability to perform is important—whether it be acting, giving presentations, or teaching. This especially applies to jobs in creative fields, as well as any position that requires you to leverage your interpersonal skills or speak publiclyYou can read more at


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